Rep. Anthony Weiner: There are no Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories


This most laughable of assertions I think shows not how right-wing American Jews are, but how phenomenally ignorant. I’m not sure if Rep. Weiner was trying to play to a sizable conservative base in his Queens-Brooklyn district, which notably includes Kew Gardens, or if he really believed this.

Wiener was on a panel with former Rep. Brian Baird, moderated by Roger Cohen, the New York Times columnist. Americans for Peace Now promptly shot him an invitation to visit the West Bank. (No response as yet to neither the invitation nor press inquiries from the Washington Jewish Week). Watch below at 45 minutes:

Meanwhile the Israeli government announced a new plan to remove outposts built on Palestinian private land — and legalize swaths of others. At least 70 outposts are built partly or entirely on private property, as detailed extensively by Peace Now. (“Outposts” are small settlements illegal under even Israeli law, forgetting international law for a minute.) The state intends to annex lands to the state, then legalize the settlement.

Gee, what progress! Israel must really be committed to peace.—  If the settlements are legal according to Israeli law, then surely the international community and Palestinians will see reason.